Introducing the ultimate tracking solution
for getting stuff done

Caesium is created to support humans in organising their work, leisure and activity by providing software, which allows users to manage, view and track their progress on certain tasks and activities.


Separate trackers for each project. A multifunctional input element with inline commands for notes, tasks, files and more.


Work with your team, form teams with your friends and colleagues to tackle larger and more exciting projects, manage your team and their resources.

Business Room

Handle all important business questions in a single business room. For yourself, you team and your client.


Get the analysis on every little bit of tracked progress data. Use it for a better positioning in any future client relations.


Through the utilization of actual live data for building the profiles for Caesium we are able to generate dynamically relevant profiles based off of hard and soft skills of the user.


Freelancers and teams working with Caesium can be displayed on the Caesium talent boards, find additional talent for their team, organise one and work together.

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