Achieving big things always requires a team.

Universal colllaborative features

We want to build an alternative to the classic agency model. We believe agencies are a thing of the past, and distributed, flexible and dynamic teams of talented creatives are something that can benefit both the creatives themselves as well as their clients - offering richer, better and leaner solutions to accomplish project goals. Collaborate together, manage the team and their availabilities, structure the team and handle all of its’ finances from one place. Calculate the team efficiency and availability as well as be listed on our marketplace to find and be approached by new exciting projects and clients.


Invite all your coworkers, peers and friends to collaborate on a project. You can easily manage the project, calculate loads on individual team members and monitor team efficiency. Integrate with Slack and Skype to keep all your historic data in one place. Ideas will never get lost again.

Invite to Projects

No hassle ever again when working with freelancers or on larger projects, no need for black-boxing the project into phases and spend time negotiating individually. Invite multiple users to projects while retaining a one-face-to-the-client approach!

Files in the Cloud

Busy jumping between Dropbox and GDrive? Integrate both into your project, handle files with ease over dedicated folders and keep all your administrative documents, specifications, briefs, mockups and designs in one place!

Team Management

Handle team members, their payment, working hours and dedication to specific projects, find new team members and invite them to collaborate, manage, track and see all their work live as you and your team breathe life into project.