Skills and talent is our commodity.

Market place with dynamic profiles

Tired of seeing portfolios that look nothing like the work done for the project you ordered? Fed up with updating tens of online profiles, re-typing the same information over and over again? Never again - our unique approach to online talent profiles. Our profiles display actual project data, as well as provide skills based on the actual inputs from the users during his/her project work. Designs are taken from the project as well as descriptions, cost information, delivery status (on time or not) all with rich privacy settings. The more you work - the richer the profile and the more visible you become for your clients. And for them, we guarantee that what you see on the profile the talent actually did.

Dynamic Profile

Historic information is only a small part of the profile, its’ richness, visibility and validity depends on how many projects and work did the person actually accomplish, did he deliver on time, was he/she over budget. We also calculate qualitative feedback into the profile, such as client feedback and reviews as well as hard project information and work.

Profile Element

The profile card on the marketplace is positioned based on the hard efficiency data calculated by Caesium, as well as the availability of the user to work on another project. It provides a quick and intuitive overview of the talent’s skills, validity as how much has the user already worked on the platform.

Financial Management

We provide an easy way for both clients and talents to manage their project finances, invoices and projections. Clients can see and pay their invoices with one click and talents can see which ones were delayed as well as projections, based on their work.

Team Profiles

Individuals and teams are separated into different marketplaces. You have a large project that requires multiple skillsets ranging from design to marketing and development? Go to our Team marketplace, see their work history and availability data, request a quote and start working on the project right away! Our rich filtering system allows you to easily find the right team for you!