Productivity Suite

Let everything you do, benefit your future.

Unique easy-to-use interface

Our interface offers a seamless experience, allowing an intuitive way to track your progress. Our simple workflow of Stop, Play and Pause, enables you to interact with the timer and provide information on your project at any point, without going through tables, menus and lists. You can also easily switch between projects with a single tap - no need for complicated hierarchies of projects. We want to create the simplest way to store and track projects and data in order to provide future insights on your work habits and ways to improve your personal efficiency.

Interactive in-line commands

We are integrating a plethora of tools to make your life simpler, by combining our simple interface with the functional power behind such tools as Asana, Trello, Jira, Evernote and GDocs and utilizing intuitive in-line commands - we aim to reduce the amount of manual work required for you to track your job.


Based on your input history from previous projects, progress stamps or any type of updates from integrations, our AI engine will suggest you possible progress input. Our engine will suggest hashtags to structure your work, notes and autosuggestions on your stamp descriptions.


Invite all your coworkers, peers and friends to collaborate on a project. You can easily see the status and progress of the project and team and use the interactive in-line functionality to enhance your team efficiency. Integrate with Slack and Skype and feel free to use also our tool. Ideas will never get lost again.


Be you and individual freelancer or a distributed team that has been working together for years - our analytics engine will provide you with insights on you project and work, will you meet the deadline and are you in-budget for the project as well as tips to make your more efficient and reminders on milestones that you need to accomplish in time.